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 We are a babysitting agency connecting New York City families with top-of-the-line babysitters.  Whether you need one-time help for a weekend date night, or regular help a few times a week, High Line Sitters can provide you with the exceptional babysitter you need.  


Jessica N

Jessica N


Jessica has always loved working with children and has been babysitting since she was fourteen.  In 2010 Jessica graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Human Ecology where she completed upper division coursework in Child Development.  During that time, she assisted at a local preschool and then after earning her degree she was promoted to lead teacher.  Jessica enjoyed her time working at the pre school in Austin and babysat for numerous families on a regular basis.  Jessica is also CPR and first aid certified.

Some people ask why she loves working with children and all Jessica can say is that from a young age it has brought her a lot of joy and fulfillment to be around children and watch them grow.  Children are so genuine and honest in nature and it is refreshing to spend time with them each day.  Jessica's favorite quote came from a three-year old boy who had been a student of hers.  He once told her “Jessica, I like you because you’re a kid.  Kids are silly and laugh a lot.”  He’s right.


CPR and first aid certified

UT Austin, Human Ecology